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The Counseling, Mediation, and Educational Center have an ongoing need for volunteers, mentors, and tutors. Items such as school supplies, clothing, food, snacks, journals, gas cards, books, etc. are needed on an ongoing basis

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Children of Incarcerated Parents: In the children’s own words

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Therapeutic Explanation of our Agency Logo Publication

The Counseling, Mediation, and Educational Center, INC.

Our logo was created by a five year old boy whose father is incarcerated. Through his
drawing he was able to tell us how he felt about his family. This is our clinical
interpretation for his drawing:
This is my family. (My Mom, My Dad, and Me.)
I love my mom and dad with all my heart, one of my hearts is broken. (I have two hearts, one
has an arrow through it because it hurts that my dad is not here with me.)
My dad is incarcerated and can’t be with me right now. (My dad is standing on the water,
which symbolizes instability, he is in prison.)
My mom offers me stability right now. (My mom is standing on the grass, which symbolizes
stability. I live with my mom.)
My dad can’t help me right now. (My mom and I have hands but my dad doesn’t have hands.)
My mom can help me and I can help myself.)
My dad is important to me. (I gave my dad a star because he’s special to me.)
My days will get better and I will be with my dad one day. (It’s cloudy now, but the sun will
shine brighter when my dad comes home.)
My family is happy. (We are all smiling because we are a happy family and we love each
© 2013 Viola Posley

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